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Welcome To Kal of Persia

Dear community,official opening delayed with 1 day due to some root problems, installing/moving to the new one will take few hours so the opening date will be 07/Oct/2018 @ 19:00 GMT. Sorry for inconvenience ! Thanks for your patience ! Persia Team !

Trigram System

- There are eight kinds of Trigram and the effect will be applied to your character only when wearing Yin-Yang Mirror.

- You should wear Yin-Yang Mirror to operate Trigram’s effect.

- Each Trigram has certain ability.

- Its grade is divided into Apprentice, Novice and Senior.

- You can’t wear the Trigram enchanted with different grade from wearing one.

- The effects of Trigrams’ abilities can be increased by enchanting.

- You can wear only the Trigram enchanted more than +1.

- You can’t wear Trigram which has higher grade than Yin-Yang Mirror and Taegeuk.

- You can move, exchange or sell it.

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Awaken System

The method of Awaken is that has been leaked from the royal mausoleum of Ancient Korea had began to spread all over the world. To be awaken, it is necessary to overpass the spirituous medicine and training that as painful as it is. It is said that the ones who finished training will gain the physical ability increased which is never be the same as before. Thos of who have arrived Lv. 81 after the third Job Change can progress the awaken system through the NPC "Deado Hyemin" in the village of Narootuh. Those of who had progressed the awaken system can recover the strength and mana by using the Evolution of Mana Circulation. Plus, it becomes possible to move farther and faster by using a quick pace of the Skill "Walk on the Air".

Information Of Awaken Quest:

-First Itinerary of Awaken Level. 81 Awaken Lv.1 progression

-Second Incipiency of Awaken Level. 86 Awaken Lv.2 progression

-Third Conclusion of Awaken Level. 91 Awaken Lv.3 progression

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Riding System

- Use the Riding system, you can move faster.

- You can activate a Riding Inventory with 'E' button (shortcut key)

- When you click a right-click of mouse, you can equip or release a riding item.

- After you registered a riding item, you can press 'R' button(shortcut key) to riding on/off easily.

- When you are fishing and mining, you cannot equip a riding item.

- When you attack a monster, riding animal will be riding off automatically.

- When a battle starts, you will be riding off automatically.

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Beta Phase Event !

Top 3 Players At The End of The Beta Phase Will Gain:

Rank 1: 500 Jewells

Rank 2: 300 Jewells

Rank 3: 100 Jewells

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Update Version1.9

New Login Motion Added
Valley of Devah Access Quest Added
Valley of Devah Available For Level 81+
Provocation of Blow Skill Slightly Increased
New Teleport System Added
Skill Point Merchant Added on Temp-Fort
Contribution Point Merchant Added on Temp-Fort
All Event Icons/Description Fixed
Delay Betwen Exp Events Reduced To 6 Hours
Shopping Coin System Added Into Server
Shopping System Infos Can Be Found When,
opening shop
Shopping Coin Merchant Added On Temp-Fort
I¡¯Lryer's System Added Everyday At 18:00 SVT
Grade 65 Weapons Added To I¡¯Lryer's System

Update Version1.8

New Accessory Craft System Available On Fort !
Anker Castle Added As Solo Areea 75+
Full Set Grade 60 & Weapons Added on Kyralia Island
Full Set Grade 60 & Weapons Added on Anker Castle
Cave of Giant Became Free For All
Cave of Giant Floor 2 Opened For 75+
Hanin Mirrors Manager Added on Temp-Fort

Update Version1.7

Dragon Balls Added Everywhere on Droprate
Horn of Spirit Price Reduced
ToP Restriction Raised To Some Floors
Buff Scroll Grade 3 Added To Donation Store
Dragon Balls Added To Donation Store
Diamond Spellbook/Arrow Added To Reward Master Lv.50
Qiver Manager Added on Temporarry Fort
SpellBook Manager Added on Temporarry Fort
New Pets Added To Donation Store
Rebirth/Polish/Horn Price Raised on GC Store

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Beta Phase

Beta Phase Became True !

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Beta Phase Event !

Top 3 Players At The End of The Beta Phase Will Gain:

Rank 1: 500 Jewells

Rank 2: 300 Jewells

Rank 3: 100 Jewell

Official Opening !

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