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New Engine

We Are Back With Latest Engine & Best Features In Kal-Online

Latest Update
06 January 2021
Server Update 2.9

Server Dlls Update To Make Client Work
Multiple Chars Allowed On F10 System
Quest Items Of Grade 65 Accessories Droprate Increased
Infinity Tower Floor 1 Added For Level 88+
Grade 75 Weapons + Side Parts G80(Rare) Added To Party
Quest Items Of Grade 65 Accessories Droprate Increased
Ruin Accessories Added To Accessory Manager
Santa Pet Has Been Modified
Start Pack Has Been Modified (Unlocked & Bound Items)
Key A Of AFK Check Has Been Fixed
Some Visual Bugs And In-Game Has Been Fixed

Server Notice

Are you ready to create history? Because we are!
Server Based On Latest Engine
Latest News will be added step by step via updates,most important features will be ready once we open !
I would like to annouce that we are back again ! Our server was online for years ! We decided to start again this year ! This is a long term Server, along with your trust and belief in us we will always continue to provide an Interesting gameplay for you
to Simply answer your questions, This is going to go midrate, then lower, but not the overrated lowrate

Server Features

Medium ~ Low Rate Version
Latest Weapons Skins
Own Made Costumes
Anti-KS System
Special Pet System
Nirvana System
100+ Daily Quests
Custom Lotteries
Latest Riding Pets
Accessory Craft
LmS / GvG / Battelfield / 1 vs 1 PVPS
Active Team
Skin reload (ActivateDeactivate skin appearance)
StudentTeacher customizable system + StudentTeacher reward system
Channel System
Int-like Duel tournament with board showing future fights
Guild Buff System
Training Center
Auction House System
Monster Pet Creation System
Swap Item system
Battle Riding System with customizable skills
Battle armors with fixed wearing
Capture and protect the flag system
Auto Login
Soul Pocket System
Duel Bet System
F10 with custom EXP by level range
Raid System
World Cup System
Lotto System
AFK Check System
Soul Destruction AOE
Store NPC Creation System with duration (DiscountsCustom stores)
Ignore Player System ignore unignore
Daily Login Rewards
Advanced renting system
Namepad Colorizer system
Pet Crossbreed System
Secret Blacksmith system
Fixed inventory and task items size
Many previous bugsfreezescrashes fixed