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New Engine

We Are Back With Latest Engine & Best Features In Kal-Online

Usefull Comands

Once You Join A PvE Areea Keep Holding "ESC" Button 3 Seconds

Costumes Visbillity:

/skinoff / /skinon

Geons Pick Up:

/geonoff / /geonon

Automatic Events
Exp Event:

Everyday At 05:00-06:00 & 19:00-20:00 Server Time

Immortal Event:

Everyday At 18:00-18:30 Server Time


Everyday At 18:30-19:00 Server Time

Damage Event:

Everyday At 20:00-20:30 Server Time

Egg Event:

Everyday At 20:00-21:00

Jewels Lottery:

Everyday At 18:05

PvP Events
Duel Tournament:

Everyday At 16:00 Server Time. 8 People Must Be Registred So Any Category Can Start.


Everyday At 21:00 Server Time

Last Man Standing:

Everyday At 19:00 Server Time

Destructing Keys:

Tuesday & Thursday At 21:00 Server Time

Capture The Flag:

Wednesday At 17:00

Castle War:

Castle War: Registration Whole Sunday. CW Start At 20:00-21:00


System Reserved For Castle Owners Sunday At 21:31

Floor 10:

Everyday At 18:00

Emok Boss:

Everyday At 19:00

Master Elements:

Every 3 Hours Starts From 00:01 Server Time


Every 6 Hours Starts From 00:02 Server Time @Every Major Spawn On FoE

Devah Sandman:

Everyday At 17:01 Server Time @ Alter Of Hopelose