The Rise Of Persia !

The Best Kalonline Private Server 2019 !

Server Official Started

Join US , Make History !

Welcome To Kal of Persia

Years of Kalonline Coding Experience will provide you the best gameplay !

Kal of Persia is a Low-Medium Rated Server Based on 2018 Engine !

Greets Persia Team !

White Cube

- A special rare item which contain special / unusual strong items.

- White cubes include all donation shop ingredients.

- It does include all Armors/Weapons Boxes from Grade 55 Up To Grade 100 !

- By opening White Cube, your luck will be sorted by Gods !

- White Cubes Contain Donation Items & Special Boxes With Armors/Weapons

- Item can be obtained from Repetable Quests !

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Trigram absorption

- By Trigram absorption with Taegeuk, you can get additional abilities

- Additional effect is applied to Taegeuk.

- Activation Requirement of Trigram absorption

1. The grades of 8 Trigrams should same.

2. All 8 Trigrams should be enchanted more than +5.

3. All 8 Trigrams should be worn.

4. The grade of Taegeuk should be same or higher than Trigram.

5. Taegeuk should be taken off for Trigram absorption

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Riding System

- Use the Riding system, you can move faster.

- You can activate a Riding Inventory with 'E' button (shortcut key)

- When you click a right-click of mouse, you can equip or release a riding item.

- After you registered a riding item, you can press 'R' button(shortcut key) to riding on/off easily.

- When you are fishing and mining, you cannot equip a riding item.

- When you attack a monster, riding animal will be riding off automatically.

- When a battle starts, you will be riding off automatically.

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Leveling Event !

Follow The Steps And Get A Chance To Win 500 Donation Coins ! :

1. Join Kal of Persia Beta Phase On 12 June 2019 !

2. Get First Level 80 !

3. Contact Admin For Your Reward !

There Will Be ONLY 4 Winners At The End Of The Event !

First 4 Classes Will Be Rewarded On Official (Sunday)

Selected Player MUST Be A Discord Channel Before He Win !

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Latest Update

Our Staff Members Working Hard To Update The Server And Keep Everything Balanced

For Any Bug Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact US Throught The Ticket System From Userpanel


Server Update Version 8.7

Health Of Monsters From VoD The Swamp/Hondel All Floors (Party Monsters) Reduced
Master Wraiths Added To Valley of Devah
Grade 6 Skins (Original Weapons) Added To Persia Store
Grade 70 Arrow & SpellBook Added To Their Merchants
Highlevel Traitor Hangouts Areea Added For Shiny (91+)
5/1 ToW's Added To Droprate (Finally HaHa)

Owner: Persia

Game-Master: TheJudge

July 16 on 09:23 GMT


Server Update Version 8.6

Experience Increased On Elders Of Nessie Areea
Health Of Monsters From Hondel Floor 3 Slightly Reduced
Demon Gong Manager & Quest Added On Temporarry Fort
Nirvana PvP Damage Temporarry Dissabled

Owner: Persia

Game-Master: TheJudge

July 12 on 20:45 GMT


Server Update Version 8.5

Hondel Dungeon Floor 3 Added For 91+
Element Island (MA Areea) Added For 80+
Ancient Temple (MA Areea) Added For 85+
Teleporter Added To Ancient Temple (Areea 90+)
Cave of Giant Floor 5 Added For 90+
Elders Of Nessie Areea Added For Solo AoE Chars 91+
Grade 65 Main Parts & Grade 70 Side + Weapons & Costumes G3 Added To CoG F4,Hondel Floor 3,Elders
Health Of Monsters From Cave Of Giant Floor 4 Reduced
Grade 65 Mains & Grade 70 Weapons (20% Chance) Added To VoD Bosses & Doggebi Lord
Grade 70 Weapons 20% Chance Added To Floor 10 System
Persia Puzzle Event Added On Temporarry Fort
Letters Added Everywhere To Droprate Except Shiny/Splash Spawns
Experience Increased On Traitor Hangouts
Blessing Scroll Grade 3 Added To Its Manager & Donation Store

Owner: Persia

Game-Master: TheJudge

July 10 on 22:35 GMT

Upcoming Events

All Future Events Will Be Posted Here !

Leveling Event !

First 4 Classes Who Reach Level 80 Will Gain:

Prize: 500 Donation Coins

Official Opening !

Stay Tunned !