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Warning : Donations are not refundable.

If you appreciate our work, please think about making a small donation. We do not expect much. Remember this is a project the Admin's made in their spare time. A lot of work has gone into it and maintenance of the server costs a fair bit of money.

Kal of Persia is completely free, donations are 100% optional. All items listed here can be obtained by monster's or other system's in game.

A donation is a gift. We strictly have a no refund policy. Opening a dispute or claim with PayPal will result in an instant permanent ban of your account, whatever the outcome of the dispute/claim is, even if it's in your favor. We will provide full logs of the donation, your account information and the way you spent the donation rewards in our game to PayPal. In the past, we have won all claims by providing this kind of evidence to PayPal.

Once Donation process is complete your (Donation Coin) will be sent to your Storage immediately!
Donation Coins - List:
Package Donation Coins: Bonus: Provider: Price:
Small Package 150 50% PayPal 10 Euro
Medium Package 300 50% PayPal 20 Euro
High Package 450 50% PayPal 30 Euro
High Package 900 50% PayPal 50 Euro
High Package 1900 50% PayPal 100 Euro
High Package 4500 50% PayPal 200 Euro
High Package 10000 50% PayPal 400 Euro

*You need to Login for Donations. You will receive your Items after Donation.
*For any other payment options you need to call an Admin of the Server.
*For Skrill / Pay Safe Card Donations Contact Persia In-Game or Discord.
*We Accept Also G1 Geons As Donations.